Bowling Green, OH Developmental Disability

Wood Lane School

Wood Lane School assists Bowling Green, OH in the enhancement of transition services from school to work for students with developmental disabilities. Volunteerism continues to be a significant part of Wood Lane; youth, university students, and adults give over 13,000 hours of service each year.

developmental disabilities - Bowling Green, OH - Wood Lane School

Wood Lane School Information:

  • In 2009, Wood Lane's Early Intervention Program served over       210 children.
  • We provide services to over 800 children and adults who              have disabilities.
  • Enrollment for Wood Lane services has doubled in the last         10 years.
  • Wood County Special Olympics provides sports training and competition in 9 sports for over 450 youths and adults in        Wood County.

It is also good to know that wages earned by individuals employed in the community were over $1,000,000 in 2009.

Call Wood Lane School today at 419-352-5115. You can also call us at 419-352-1941 Or 419-353-4407.

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